Anand Modak
Anand Modak

Anand Modak (13 May 1951 – 23 May 2014) was an acclaimed music director
in Marathi cinema and Marathi theatre, known for his experimental style

In theatre, his notable compositions were for Mahanirvan, Mahapoor, Kheliya, Raigadala Jeva Jag Yete, Begum Barve, Chaukatcha Raja, and Mukta.

Maharashtra State Award for
Best Music Composer for Marathi Film

Kalat Nakalat, Marathi Movie 1989

Kalat Nakalat1989

Marathi Movie Mukata 1994


Marathi Movie Doghee 1995


Marathi Movie Raosaheb 1996


Marathi Movie Raju 2006


Marathi Movie Dhoosar 2010


During his career of over 36 years as Music Composer, he has been honoured by above Awards / Honours

His journey as Music Composer from 1974 till the end of his service has been successful due to heartful support by his Bank-my collogues